Africa Procter of St. Thomas, USVI,with a puppy named Princess at St. Croix Animal Shelter Booth, St. Croix Agricultural Fair, USVI 2/18/06


Miss Bea Road, St. Croix, 2005. The remnants of old sugar mills and plantations feature prominently throughout the Caribbean.


Caribbean Bookshelf, 2009. This photograph was taken at Mango Hill Great-house. A faithful recreation of a classic Danish colonial era plantation house, it is one of the most spectacular houses in the Virgin Islands.

Cecilia Mill, St. Croix, 2005.

St. Croix Country Club

The Piano Lesson, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 2012. This photograph was part of The Royal Photographic Society’s 156th International Print Exhibition in London. A few years after this was taken, the home and all its contents were burned to the ground by an arsonist. The owner was away, playing the organ at her church.

Buck Island, St. Croix


Pastel Shell Series


Old Hospital on Farm Hill, St. Croix, 2006. In ruins after Hurricane Hugo of 1989. This was created with two exposures, a slow one for the building, and a fast one for the bright Harvest moon, then combined in Photoshop.

West Indian Woman, 2008. This photograph is printed on watercolor paper, then toned in black coffee.


Queen Mary of the St. Croix Fireburn, 2009. In 1878, Queen Mary led a field workers rebellion on St. Croix. Quiana Adams re-created the role for this shoot at the ruins of a 1700’s Danish great-house, jumping at least 50 times in the air before we got the ‘right shot’.

St. Croix Signs, 2010. Many of the places on this sign have endured and survived punishing hurricanes.





Banyon Tree, Estate William & Punch, St. Croix, 2010. The banyon tree, originally from India, may have been spread around the globe by Portuguese explorers. The largest of these trees can spread for acres, and in the Caribbean, runaway slaves would hide in the trunks.

Bananaquit and Hibiscus,2008. This particular photograph has great meaning for me because it was created at the home of my dear friend, Bonnie Luria. She had a bird feeder on her porch that Bananaquits and hummingbirds would swarm around. We briefly removed the feeder and sprayed nectar onto the hibiscus.

Antillean Crested Hummingbird

Chaney Hunt, Feral Roosters, 2009. ‘Chaney’ is the word for broken 1700-1800’s pottery shards that become unearthed after heavy rains. In St. Croix they are prized and made into jewelry pieces. The roosters are feral and ended up living among the ruins of a Danish great-house. I sprinkled cat food kibble to get them to stay in frame.


Urchin Carnival, 2005. Sea Urchin Shells on a light-table, then shot from above.


Sea Fan, 2005. This, and the following photograph, Coral Dream, are printed negative images of beach-combing objects shot against a sun setting sky.

Coral Dream, 2005

Blue Long Shell


Blue Conch


Blue Shell Wings

Blue Swirl










Mangrove in Blue

Red Starfish

Caribbean Hermit Crab

Pineapple Leaves

Monstera Deliciosa



Heliconia (Lobster Claw)

Fresh Fish of Tobago


Home Made Ice Cream, Tobago

Young Coconuts

Monstera Fire

Night Blooming Cereus, 2001

Remove False Teeth

Buck Island, St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands

Annaly Bay, St. Croix